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2012 Championship 1 fixtures released

5th December 2011, 06:00

2012 Championship 1 fixtures released

The fixtures for South Wales Scorpions and North Wales Crusaders' 2012


The fixtures for South Wales Scorpions and North Wales Crusaders' 2012 Cooperative Championship 1 season have now been released, with the first professional Welsh Rugby League derby in over 101 years set to be screened live on satellite channel Premier Sports.

The last derby took place on December 27th 1910 when Merthyr Tydfil beat Ebbw Vale 2-0 in front of a crowd over 4,000 at College Field in Merthyr.

Next year's big encounter takes place on Easter Monday 9th April with the Crusaders hosting the Scorpions at The Racecourse in Wrexham. The kick-off time is still to be announced.

It will the Scorpions' first ever live TV encounter plus the first for the Crusaders under their new guise. The return match at The Gnoll takes place on Sunday 5th August (kick-off 3pm).

The Scorpions will also break new ground with a trip to France when they take on Toulouse in the Northern Rail Cup on Saturday 3rd March (kick-off 7pm).

The Neath-based side are taking part in the Northern Rail Cup for the first time and open their campaign with an away match against Rochdale Hornets on Sunday 12th February.

They play at The Gnoll for the first time in 2012 on Sunday 19th February when they host Oldham Roughyeds (kick-off 3pm) while London Skolars are visitors a week later.

North Wales Crusaders won't be taking part in the Northern Rail Cup. They open their season with a home game against Barrow Raiders (kick-off 2.30pm), welcoming former Crusader Andy Bracek to The Racecourse. The Scorpions travel to Gateshead Thunder on the same day.

Chairman of South Wales Scorpions, Phil Davies said: "We have now been back in training for two weeks and well into preparations for the new season. We can't wait for it to start. The clashes against Crusaders will certainly be historic and of course our visit to Toulouse in the Northern Rail Cup will be a new experience in itself for our club. Roll on February now."

Chief Executive of North Wales Crusaders, Jamie Thomas said: "We're thoroughly excited for the start of the season which will of course be the first ever game for North Wales Crusaders. It'll be a tough test to start with taking on Barrow Raiders but we have to test ourselves against the best at some time. We can't wait for the visit of the Scorpions at Easter and we're delighted that it's getting live TV coverage nationwide with Premier Sports."

Wales Rugby League General Manager, Mark Rowley said: "I'd like to wish both teams luck in the new season. It will be a challenging campaign for both of our clubs but with four sides winning promotion to the extended Championship for 2013, we are very much hoping that South Wales Scorpions and North Wales Crusaders will be two of those four.

"We are also very excited that the first professional Welsh Rugby League derby in over 101 years will be screened live on Premier Sports. It is definitely an exciting time for Rugby League in Wales with this historic game being recognised by a national TV company in this way and we're all looking forward to the big Easter Monday clash."

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Northern Rail Cup 2012 - Published Fixtures

Round Date Home
Away KO
NRC 1 12/02/2012 London v Toulouse 1.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Keighley v Batley 2.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Dewsbury v Halifax 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Gateshead v Doncaster 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Hunslet v Whitehaven 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Leigh v Barrow 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Oldham v Featherstone 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Rochdale v South Wales 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 Workington  v Sheffield 3.00pm
NRC 1 12/02/2012 York City v Swinton 3.00pm

NRC 2 18/02/2012 Toulouse v Keighley 7.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Barrow v Workington  2.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Swinton v Hunslet 2.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Batley v London 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Doncaster v York City 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Featherstone v Dewsbury 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Halifax v Rochdale 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Sheffield v Leigh 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 South Wales v Oldham 3.00pm
NRC 2 19/02/2012 Whitehaven v Gateshead 3.00pm

NRC 3 25/02/2012 Batley v Toulouse 6.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Barrow v Swinton 2.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Doncaster v Sheffield 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Halifax v Featherstone 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Leigh v Hunslet 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Oldham v Dewsbury 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Rochdale v Keighley 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 South Wales v London 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 Workington  v Whitehaven 3.00pm
NRC 3 26/02/2012 York City v Gateshead 3.00pm

NRC 4 02/03/2012 Sheffield v York City 7.30pm
NRC 4 03/03/2012 Toulouse v South Wales 7.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Keighley v Oldham 2.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Swinton v Workington  2.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Dewsbury v Rochdale 3.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Featherstone v Batley 3.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Gateshead v Leigh 3.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Hunslet v Doncaster 3.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 London v Halifax 3.00pm
NRC 4 04/03/2012 Whitehaven v Barrow 3.00pm


The Co-operative Championship One 2012 - Published Fixtures

Round Date Home
Away KO Premier Sports
1 11/03/2012 NW Crusaders v Barrow 2.30pm
1 11/03/2012 Doncaster v Whitehaven 3.00pm
1 11/03/2012 Gateshead v South Wales 3.00pm
1 11/03/2012 Rochdale v London 3.00pm
1 11/03/2012 Workington  v Oldham 3.00pm

2 18/03/2012 South Wales v Workington  1.00pm
2 18/03/2012 Barrow v Doncaster 3.00pm
2 18/03/2012 London v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
2 18/03/2012 Oldham v Gateshead 3.00pm
2 18/03/2012 Whitehaven v Rochdale 3.00pm

3 01/04/2012 NW Crusaders v Rochdale 2.30pm
3 01/04/2012 Doncaster v South Wales 3.00pm
3 01/04/2012 Gateshead v Whitehaven 3.00pm
3 01/04/2012 Oldham v Barrow 3.00pm
3 01/04/2012 Workington  v London 2:00 PM

4 06/04/2012 Barrow v Gateshead 3.00pm
4 06/04/2012 Doncaster v London 3.00pm
4 06/04/2012 Whitehaven v Workington  3.00pm
4 06/04/2012 Rochdale v Oldham TBC
4 09/04/2012 NW Crusaders v South Wales TBC PREMIER SPORTS

5 22/04/2012 Barrow v Rochdale 3.00pm
5 22/04/2012 Gateshead v Doncaster 3.00pm
5 22/04/2012 London v Oldham 3.00pm
5 22/04/2012 South Wales v Whitehaven 3.00pm
5 22/04/2012 Workington  v NW Crusaders 3.00pm

6 06/05/2012 Doncaster v Rochdale 3.00pm
6 06/05/2012 Oldham v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
6 06/05/2012 South Wales v Barrow 3.00pm
6 06/05/2012 Whitehaven v London 2:00pm
6 06/05/2012 Workington  v Gateshead 3.00pm

7 13/05/2012 NW Crusaders v Whitehaven 2.30pm
7 13/05/2012 Barrow v Workington  3.00pm
7 13/05/2012 Doncaster v Oldham 3.00pm
7 13/05/2012 London v South Wales 3.00pm
7 13/05/2012 Rochdale v Gateshead 3.00pm

8 20/05/2012 Barrow v London 2:00pm
8 20/05/2012 Gateshead v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
8 20/05/2012 Oldham v Whitehaven 3.00pm
8 20/05/2012 South Wales v Rochdale 3.00pm
8 20/05/2012 Workington  v Doncaster 3.00pm

9 27/05/2012 London v Gateshead 2.00pm
9 27/05/2012 NW Crusaders v Doncaster 2.30pm
9 27/05/2012 Rochdale v Workington  3.00pm
9 27/05/2012 South Wales v Oldham 3.00pm
9 27/05/2012 Whitehaven v Barrow 3.00pm

10 10/06/2012 London v Workington  2.00pm
10 10/06/2012 NW Crusaders v Oldham 2.30pm
10 10/06/2012 Gateshead v Barrow 3.00pm
10 10/06/2012 Rochdale v Doncaster 3.00pm
10 10/06/2012 Whitehaven v South Wales 3.00pm

11 24/06/2012 Barrow v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
11 24/06/2012 Doncaster v Gateshead 3.00pm
11 24/06/2012 Oldham v Rochdale 3.00pm
11 24/06/2012 South Wales v London 3.00pm
11 24/06/2012 Workington  v Whitehaven 3.00pm

12 01/07/2012 London v Barrow 2.00pm
12 01/07/2012 NW Crusaders v Workington  2.30pm
12 01/07/2012 Gateshead v Rochdale 3.00pm
12 01/07/2012 South Wales v Doncaster 3.00pm
12 01/07/2012 Whitehaven v Oldham 3.00pm

13 15/07/2012 NW Crusaders v Gateshead 2.30pm
13 15/07/2012 Doncaster v Barrow 3.00pm
13 15/07/2012 Oldham v London 3.00pm
13 15/07/2012 Rochdale v Whitehaven 3.00pm
13 15/07/2012 Workington  v South Wales 1.00pm

14 22/07/2012 Barrow v Whitehaven 3.00pm
14 22/07/2012 Doncaster v Workington  3.00pm
14 22/07/2012 Gateshead v London 2:00pm
14 22/07/2012 Oldham v South Wales 3.00pm
14 22/07/2012 Rochdale v NW Crusaders 3.00pm

15 05/08/2012 Barrow v Oldham 3.00pm
15 05/08/2012 Gateshead v Workington  3.00pm
15 05/08/2012 London v Rochdale 3.00pm
15 05/08/2012 South Wales v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
15 05/08/2012 Whitehaven v Doncaster 3.00pm

16 12/08/2012 NW Crusaders v London 2.30pm
16 12/08/2012 Oldham v Doncaster 3.00pm
16 12/08/2012 Rochdale v South Wales 3.00pm
16 12/08/2012 Whitehaven v Gateshead 3.00pm
16 12/08/2012 Workington  v Barrow 3.00pm

17 19/08/2012 Doncaster v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
17 19/08/2012 Oldham v Workington  3.00pm
17 19/08/2012 Rochdale v Barrow 3.00pm
17 19/08/2012 South Wales v Gateshead 3.00pm
17 24/08/2012 London v Whitehaven 6.30pm

18 02/09/2012 Barrow v South Wales 3.00pm
18 02/09/2012 Gateshead v Oldham 3.00pm
18 02/09/2012 London v Doncaster 3.00pm
18 02/09/2012 Whitehaven v NW Crusaders 3.00pm
18 02/09/2012 Workington  v Rochdale 3.00pm