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2019 RFL Southern Conference fixtures released following London launch

24th February 2019, 12:25

2019 RFL Southern Conference fixtures released following London launch

The new Southern Conference League, which will include Welsh sides Cardiff Blue Dragons, Torfaen Tigers and Valley Cougars, was officially launched in Ealing on Saturday before a Super League fixture

between London Broncos and Castleford Tigers – with official confirmation that the inaugural Grand Final will be held at the Aldershot Military Stadium in Hampshire on Saturday September 14.

The competition, which brings together 14 teams from the south of England and Wales, will begin on April 27, and run throughout the summer. Please see the fixtures below.

Representatives from Cardiff attended the launch and their chairman Alf Harvey is looking forward to the season ahead.

"It's been a big weekend for us with three separate events all happening back to back," he said.

"It was great to be at the Southern Conference League launch at London Broncos. Meeting representatives from the participating clubs, and networking and touching base about the season ahead and expectations, just boosted our enthusiasm for the new season.

"We took part in the media activities led by the Our League team and spent some time chatting about our club to Ralph Rimmer who is keen to see our sport grow in Wales."

Cardiff Blue Dragons beat a West Wales Raiders Development side 46-4 on Sunday which gave Harvey even more reason to be optimistic. 

He adds: "We were very optimistic after our first pre season win against a West Wales Raiders Development XIII. It allowed us to look at our shape and structure and while a 46-4 win was a great result, the scoreline wasn't as important as the performance and attitude of the squad. 

"Now, this Monday sees our junior open training session for u11 to u16 which takes place at Glamorgan Wanderers at 6.30pm. There has been a great deal of interest in our capital club and long may that continue." 

Valley Cougars and Torfaen Tigers clash in 2018.

The Southern Conference League launch was attended by Brian Barwick and Ralph Rimmer, chairman and chief executive of the Rugby Football League, and also Jon Wells, the Castleford director of rugby and Sky Sports pundit, who retains a soft spot for the game in the south after his years as a player in London.

“We’re excited about this new competition, and the response it’s already received from the teams involved,” said Rimmer.

“It will provide a higher and more regular level of competition for the leading players and clubs across the south of England and Wales.

“You only have to look at the amount of southern and Welsh talent in the squads of both the Broncos and Castleford to see how important it is for the game in this country that we continue to provide these opportunities – and another of the priorities for the SCL will be encouraging the clubs to look beyond their senior teams, and to encourage more children to take up the game.

“The Military Stadium in Aldershot will be a fitting stage for the inaugural Grand Final and we’re grateful to the continued support for Rugby League from the Armed Forces for making that possible.

“We’re also grateful to everyone at the Broncos for embracing the launch of the SCL, as another positive story for the game in the south to coincide with their return to the Super League this season.”

The East and West Divisions will run until August 17, the weekend before Coral Challenge Cup Final day at Wembley Stadium on August 24.

The SCL will pause for the Wembley weekend before resuming with quarter finals on August 31 pitting the top four in the East Division against the top four from the West, followed by semi finals on September 7 and then the climax in Aldershot.


Southern Conference League Fixtures (default kick-off time 2.30pm)

West Fixtures 

Date Home Team Away Team
April 27 All Golds Bye
April 27 Swindon St George Valley Cougars
April 27 Cardiff Blue Dragons Torfaen Tigers
May 4 Torfaen Tigers Swindon St George
May 4 Valley Cougars All Golds
May 4 Bye Cardiff Blue Dragons
May 11 All Golds Torfaen Tigers
May 11 Swindon St George Cardiff Blue Dragons
May 11 Bye Valley Cougars
May 18 Torfaen Tigers Valley Cougars
May 18 Swindon St George Bye
May 18 Cardiff Blue Dragons All Golds
June 1 All Golds Swindon St George
June 1 Valley Cougars Cardiff Blue Dragons
June 1 Bye Torfaen Tigers
June 8 Bye All Golds
June 8 Valley Cougars Swindon St George
June 8 Torfaen Tigers Cardiff Blue Dragons
June 15 Swindon St George Torfaen Tigers
June 15 All Golds Valley Cougars
June 15 Cardiff Blue Dragons Bye
June 22 Torfaen Tigers All Golds
June 22 Cardiff Blue Dragons Swindon St George
June 22 Valley Cougars Bye
July 6 Valley Cougars Torfaen Tigers
July 6 Bye Swindon St George
July 6 All Golds Cardiff Blue Dragons
July 13 Swindon St George All Golds
July 13 Cardiff Blue Dragons Valley Cougars
July 13 Torfaen Tigers Bye
July 20 All Golds Cardiff Blue Dragons
July 20 Valley Cougars Bye
July 20 Swindon St George Torfaen Tigers
July 27 Torfaen Tigers All Golds
July 27 Swindon St George Valley Cougars
July 27 Bye Cardiff Blue Dragons
August 3 Valley Cougars All Golds
August 3 Torfaen Tigers Cardiff Blue Dragons
August 3 Bye Swindon St George
August 10 Valley Cougars Torfaen Tigers
August 10 All Golds Bye
August 10 Cardiff Blue Dragons Swindon St George
August 17 All Golds Swindon St George
August 17 Torfaen Tigers Bye
August 17 Cardiff Blue Dragons Valley Cougars


East Fixtures (loop fixtures following round 9 to be confirmed after each side has played each other once)

Round Home Team Away Team
April 27 Bedford Tigers Bye
April 27 Hammersmith Hills Hoists North Herts Crusaders
April 27 Wests Warriors Eastern Rhinos
April 27 Hemel Stags London Chargers
April 27 South London Silverbacks Brixton Bulls
May 4 North Herts Crusaders Bedford Tigers
May 4 Eastern Rhinos Hemel Stags
May 11 Brixton Bulls Hemel Stags
May 11 London Chargers Wests Warriors
May 11 Eastern Rhinos Hammersmith Hills Hoists
May 11 Bye South London Silverbacks
May 18 Bedford Tigers Eastern Rhinos
May 18 Hammersmith Hills Hoists London Chargers
May 18 Wests Warriors Brixton Bulls
May 18 Hemel Stags South London Silverbacks
May 18 Bye North Herts Crusaders
June 1 Brixton Bulls Hammersmith Hills Hoists
June 1 London Chargers Bedford Tigers
June 1 Eastern Rhinos North Herts Crusaders
June 1 Hemel Stags Bye
June 1 South London Silverbacks Wests Warriors
June 8 Bedford Tigers Brixton Bulls
June 8 Hammersmith Hills Hoists South London Silverbacks
June 8 Wests Warriors Hemel Stags
June 8 North Herts Crusaders London Chargers
June 8 Bye Eastern Rhinos
June 15 Bedford Tigers Hemel Stags
June 15 Hammersmith Hills Hoists Wests Warriors
June 15 Eastern Rhinos Brixton Bulls
June 15 North Herts Crusaders South London Silverbacks
June 15 Bye London Chargers
June 22 Brixton Bulls North Herts Crusaders
June 22 London Chargers Eastern Rhinos
June 22 Wests Warriors Bye
June 22 Hemel Stags Hammersmith Hills Hoists
June 22 South London Silverbacks Bedford Tigers
June 29 Brixton Bulls London Chargers
June 29 Hammersmith Hills Hoists Bye
June 29 Wests Warriors Bedford Tigers
June 29 Hemel Stags North Herts Crusaders
June 29 South London Silverbacks Eastern Rhinos
July 6 Bedford Tigers Hammersmith Hills Hoists
July 6 London Chargers South London Silverbacks
July 6 North Herts Crusaders Wests Warriors
July 6 Bye Brixton Bulls