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Kear invites three club head coaches to visit Wales' training camp

17th October 2018, 08:04

Kear invites three club head coaches to visit Wales' training camp

Wales Rugby League head coach John Kear has invited three club bosses to spend a day at the squad's training camp as they prepare for their World Cup qualifying campaign.

New West Wales Raiders head coach Kim Williams, his North Wales Crusaders counterpart Anthony Murray, plus Coventry Bears boss Tom Tsang, will all visit, observe and meet everyone involved with the Welsh national side.

Kear said: “I hope I’ll gain something from all three coaches as a fresh pair of eyes always sees something differently.

"Hopefully, they’ll also be able to share ideas and get something back from all quarters. Not just from myself, but from assistant coaches Garreth Carvell and Mark Moxon and all the staff.

"Our hope is we can share ideas, chat about the game, the teams, individual tactics and it will benefit us all.

“The structure of the programme has already been planned by Wales coaching staff and I think it will be great for the coaches to observe their club players in a different environment and see how they respond.”

Wales Rugby League’s chief executive Chris Thair said: “Kim Williams and Anthony Murray, the head coaches of our professional clubs in Wales, are extremely important to what we are trying to achieve here.

"This gesture will extend into future years, along with our wider support to the Raiders and Crusaders.

“Anthony Murray has already put in a great deal of time and effort into the sport in Wales over the years and Kim Williams is now embarking on the same road. We very much value and respect what both are doing. 

“Coventry Bears have fielded seven Welsh eligible players in 2018 and because of this, we are recognising Tom Tsang’s achievements and this will hopefully further integrate the Bears into what is going on in Wales.”

All three head coaches are delighted to have been invited and are looking forward to spending time with one of the most experienced coaches in the world of rugby league.

Williams said: “I am honoured to have been invited into the Wales camp to observe their preparation for their upcoming internationals.

"I am particularly looking forward to meeting John Kear and his staff and I am very thankful for the opportunity that he has afforded me. 

“This will be a great learning experience and I expect to come away from the camp with some new ideas that can only improve my coaching at the West Wales Raiders for 2019 and beyond.”

Murray said: "I'm really excited to have been invited to the training preparations for Wales' European Championship and 2017 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers.

"It's a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with our Welsh counterparts in the game we are all truly passionate about."

Tsang added: “To be invited into camp by Wales Rugby League and observe how they operate is a personal honour that I am very proud of.

"It is a great recognition for the work we are doing at the Coventry Bears to expand our pathways and develop players from outside the north of England. 

“I am looking forward to being able to work closer with John Kear, who I have huge respect for, having watched his teams perform at the highest level over the years and this season coaching against him.

"With John being such an experienced coach, I am positive there will be a huge amount I will learn that can be taken back to my work with Coventry.”

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