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Wales Dragonhearts name 19-man squad for first Serbia test

2nd October 2018, 21:01

Wales Dragonhearts name 19-man squad for first Serbia test

The Wales Dragonhearts coaching team have selected their side to face Serbia tomorow, Wednesday 3rd of October, at Stadion FK Heroj, Jajinci, Vozdovac, Belgrade (kick-off 4pm).


It's the first of two tests against the Serbians with the second being on Saturday. This side that they face on Wednesday is likely to be the stronger of the two, with Serbia also playing an international against France on Sunday.

Wales Dragonhearts are being captained by Mike Hurley, who has been one of the stars of the Welsh Premier League this year with the unbeaten Valley Cougars side.

Coach James Allen said: "The boys are very focussed and we've had good preparation. We are looking forward to the first game tomorrow and it should be an excellent contest.

Coach Mark Robinson said: "The lads have ripped in over the last two sessions and we have put the wrongs right from Saturday. They've started to show some great skills and everything has been positive. The ruck plays we did at camp and the edge plays that James and I have put in has given us a great opportunity to spring a surprise tomorrow against Serbia."  

Team manager Steve Smith said: "It’s been a fantastic trip so far, the boys have responded well with the new surroundings. There's been excellent effort and response in training. We have been hosted brilliantly by Serbia RL and we can’t wait for the game now."


1 Connah Harding (North Wales Crusaders A / North Wales Origin)

2 Sam Pridgeon (Llanelli Knights / Premier League West)

3 Adam Watton (Valley Cougars / Premier League East)

4 Dafydd Jones (North Wales Crusaders A / North Wales Origin)

5 Brett Thomas (Torfaen Tigers / Premier League East)

6 Ben Jones (Valley Cougars / Premier League West)

7 Shane Lee (Valley Cougars / Premier League West)

8 Mark Jones (Rhondda Outlaws / Premier League West)

9 Matt Williams (Torfaen Tigers / Premier League East)

10 Gethin King (Valley Cougars / Premier League East)

11 Ben Stelmaszek (Thatto Heath Crusaders / North Wales Origin)

12 Henri Roberts (North Wales Crusaders A / North Wales Origin)

13 Mike Hurley (Valley Cougars / Premier League East) (captain)


14 Ryan Griffiths (Ince Rose Bridge / North Wales Origin)

15 Jonny Rees (Llanelli Knights / Premier League West)

16 Max Hendy (Rhondda Outlaws / Premier League West)

17 Darrell Moyle (Torfaen Tigers / Premier League East)


Ieuan Griffiths (Rhondda Outlaws / Premier League West)

Alfie Matthias (North Wales Crusaders A / North Wales Origin)