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East complete series win over West

7th September 2016, 09:50

East complete series win over West

East Wales won the senior South Wales Origin series 2-0 after beating the West 36-18 in Cardiff on Tuesday evening.


By Idris Evans at Cardiff Metropolitan University


East Wales won the senior South Wales Origin series 2-0 after beating the West 36-18 in Cardiff on Tuesday evening.


East built up a healthy lead and were 36-6 up after 50 minutes before taking their feet off the gas slightly in the final half hour.


The first try came 20 minutes in from Scott Giles with Matt Cummins converting. This prompted the ball to be lost in the surrounding woodlands so it was decided that the remainder of the game would be played with six point tries and no conversions attempted.


Six minutes later, a Rhys Davies try had doubled the scores before two quick fire tries made it 24-0, Liam Watton and Ethan Coombes going over for East before Kieran Hopper got one back for West.


Easts came out of the blocks in the second half on fire again with Jamie Marsh and Craig Lewis adding to the tally.


Wests threatened a comeback. On 53 minutes, Hopper crossed for his second with Aaron Lewis following him over just before the hour mark.


But some stunning defence from both sides kept the rest of the game scoreless and it will give the Wales Dragonhearts coaching team a lot to ponder on selection wise before their trip to Germany later this year.



1 Matt Cummins (Torfaen Tigers)

2 Jamie Marsh (Valley Cougars)

3 Liam Watton (Valley Cougars)

4 Sam Baker (Torfaen Tigers)

5 Mike Hurley (Valley Cougars)

6 Bradley Williams (Cardiff City RL)

7 Lee Goddard (Valley Cougars)

8 Louie Pengelly (Torfaen Tigers)

9 Dean Higgs (Valley Cougars)

10 Scott Giles (Valley Cougars)

11 Craig Lewis (Valley Cougars)

12 Rob Davies (Torfaen Tigers)

13 Mike Edwards (Torfaen Tigers)


14 Shane Lee (Valley Cougars)

15 Kyle Rose (Cardiff City RL)

16 Matt Williams (Torfaen Tigers)

17 Rhys Davies (Valley Cougars)

18 Ethan Coombes (Valley Cougars)



1 Jack Dryden (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

2 Iestyn Withers (West Wales Raiders)

23 Josh Taylor (West Wales Raiders)

4 Tom Morgan (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

5 Matt Davies (West Wales Raiders)

6 Aaron Lewis (West Wales Raiders)

7 Curtis Ford (West Wales Raiders)

14 Jonny Rees (West Wales Raiders)

9 Daf Phillips (West Wales Raiders)

11 Dan Forrester (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

21 Ben Rees (West Wales Raiders)

12 Dale Wood (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

10 Harry Boots (West Wales Raiders)


14 Nathan Morgan (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

16 Keiron Hooper (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

13 Ashley Mortimer (Bridgend Blue Bulls)

18 Rowland Kaye (West Wales Raiders)


Referee: James Jones

Half-time: 24-6