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Rugby League Survey - win an iPad

10th May 2016, 17:08

Rugby League Survey - win an iPad

The RFL has launched a piece of research to identify the different reasons why players drop out of the sport.

A survey has been designed to get feedback from players who have been registered but who are not currently playing. The survey will collate information on the experience and opinions of players of all ages - especially junior players.

Specifically, the RFL has identified players who previously took part in Rugby League but then did not re-register with a community club the following year.

The survey results will be independently analysed and shared across the sport.

This piece of work builds on previous research into player behaviour and preferences including the 'Let's Talk Rugby League' surveys.

Jon Roberts is the RFL’s Director of Performance and Development, he said: "We want as many young players as possible to play, enjoy and succeed in Rugby League.

"All sports, including Rugby League, experience drop-offs in participation at different age groups. The reasons for this are varied and can include the coaching or physical environment, team or club changes, and competing demands for our leisure time.

"This important research is one of a number of ways we are developing our insight into how and why players stay or do not stay in Rugby League.

"It is vital that all of us in our sport see and hear feedback from players that have withdrawn from our sport."

The survey, which takes five minutes to complete, has been emailed directly to previously registered players.

Entries completed by 13 May will go into a prize draw to win an iPad - entries will be collected after this time.

See and share the survey here.