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A message from Jordan James

9th November 2013, 22:40

A message from Jordan James

Jordan James - I'm not going to announce my retirement just yet

Jordan James has just posted the following message on social media...


"Thanks everyone for your kind words. I could not have done everything in my rugby career without all of you playing a part somehow whether playing with me, against me or looking after me with coaching, physio or admin wise. I owe you all a great debt for helping me on my way.


"I have been thinking this week about my international retirement and after speaking to Iestyn and and a few players, I'm not going to announce my retirement yet. I'm going to see how the year goes with my new job and the All golds and then make the call sometime next year.


"If Wales comes calling for me then it's very hard to turn them down, it will all depend on the body I guess, that call will be made next year. Thanks again for the words but in the words of Lee Briers 'you're a long time retired!'. So let's see what happens."