Wales Rugby League




Wed 19/04PE1
New College18
Halifax ERA26

Wed 19/04PE1
Furness Rai20
Hopwood Hal34

Wed 19/04PE1
Wakefield CVS.

Wed 19/04C3
Furness RaiVS.
Newcastle T

Wed 26/04PE1
Newcastle TVS.
Bishop Burt

Wed 26/04SPO

Wed 26/04PE1
Halifax ERA

Wed 03/05PE1
Wakefield CVS.

Wed 10/05PE1
Furness RaiVS.

Wed 10/05CUP
Halifax ERAVS.
Hopwood Hal


Equity Statement

Equity Statement Equity Statement

Wales Rugby League are committed to the principles of equal opportunities and to ensuring that the culture, philosophy and processes within the organisation and the game are free from bias and discrimination.

As the National Governing Body for Rugby League in Wales, Wales Rugby League is responsible for setting standards and values that should apply throughout the game. The sport is a game for everyone to enjoy equally and this should be reflected in the process and procedures that are applied throughout the organisation.

Wales Rugby League operate an equal opportunities policy in the recruitment, selection, training and promotion of staff at all levels and all such decisions concerning these issues will be based on merit and ability.

Wales Rugby League affirms its commitment to the equal treatment of all and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of age, ethnic origin, gender, special needs, including learning and physical disabilities, class or social background, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, colour or political persuasion.

Wales Rugby League will take positive action to eliminate individual and institutional discrimination; to comply with its statutory and legislative obligations; to meet the needs of its staff and partners and to make equality and equal treatment a core issue in the development and delivery of its policies, initiatives and services and in the way it manages its staff.

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