Wales Rugby League




Fri 17/03M2A

Wed 22/03NE1
Calderdale VS.
Leeds City

Wed 22/03NE1
Kirklees CoVS.
Greenhead C

Wed 22/03NW2
Hopwood HalVS.
Salford Red

Wed 22/03NW2
Moreton Rug6
Carmel Coll50

Wed 22/03NW2
Oldham 6th 0
Warrington 30

Wed 22/03NW2
St John RigVS.
Priestley C

Wed 22/03NW2
Salford Cit30
The Rugby L0

Wed 22/03NW2
Runshaw ColVS.
Cronton Col

Wed 22/03NW2
Winstanley 30
Wigan Warri0

Wed 22/03NW2
Wigan & LeiVS.
Cowley Sixt

Wed 22/03PE1
Coleg y Cym58
Bristol Aca24

Wed 22/03PE1
Bishop Burt44

Wed 22/03PE1
Hopwood Hal4
Halifax ERA8

Wed 22/03PE1
New CollegeVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 22/03PE1
Furness RaiVS.

Wed 22/03BCT
Nottingham 14

Wed 22/03CHA
Leeds Becke18

Wed 22/03M2A

Wed 22/03FRI
Manchester VS.
Edge Hill

Wed 22/03FRI
South Wales

Wed 22/03VA
University 4

Wed 22/03N3B
Sheffield A

Wed 22/03M2A
Nottingham 1
Oxford Broo64

Wed 22/03VA
Sheffield H26

Wed 22/03NE2
Leeds ColleVS.
Craven Coll

Sat 25/03C3
Newcastle TVS.
Midlands Hu

Mon 27/03FRE
Midlands HuVS.
Leeds City

Wed 29/03NE2
Craven CollVS.
New College

Wed 29/03VA
St Marys

Wed 29/03CUP
Hopwood HalVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 29/03CUP
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA

Wed 29/03VA
Liverpool J

Wed 05/04PE1
Bishop BurtVS.
Coleg y Cym

Wed 05/04PE1
Newcastle T

Wed 05/04PE1
Halifax ERAVS.
Furness Rai

Wed 05/04PE1
Wakefield CVS.
Hopwood Hal

Wed 19/04PE1
Bristol AcaVS.

Wed 19/04PE1
Newcastle TVS.
Bristol Aca

Wed 19/04PE1
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA


Page title The Summer Switch

2004 Shield Final - Newport 35 Cardiff 38

07th August 2004, 14:27

A 79th minute try from man-of-the-match Gareth Jones enabled Cardiff Demons to win the Total Welsh Rugby League Shield in a pulsating match at Aberavon Greenstars RFC.


Cardiff took the lead after only five minutes after a Newport knock-on from kick-off gave Demons the ball. From the last play in the resulting set-of-six, Great Britain student international, Pete Moore, ran in to give Cardiff the lead. Gareth Jones converted.


Newport regained possession almost immediately and played a clever tactical move when Ross Palmer kicked a fieldgoal on the final tackle to help them retain possession.


The tactic worked as former Demon, Scott Hirene ran in for Newport's first try only three minutes later.


Demons struck back straight away. Newport's kick-off went out on the full and from the resulting scrum, Gareth Jones ran 50 metres to touchdown under the posts, converting himself to make it 12-7.


However it was Newport who went in at the break with a 23-12 advantage as John Davies ran in for two late tries following Tyrone Maloney's 24th minute effort.


Cardiff started the second half as they did the first, scoring after five minutes when Mark Dando forced the ball over the line. Then after a Newport high tackle, Gareth Jones ran in the resulting penalty to swing the pendulum back in Cardiff's favour.


Scott Robinson put Newport back in the lead in the 56th but excellent tries each from Jon Byers and Andrew Bradshaw made it 32-27.


The furious pace of the match was not lost in the last ten minutes as the healthy crowd were to enjoy more end to end action. Earl Palmer ran in a 70th minute try to put Titans to within a point. Gareth Jones scored from a penalty three minutes later to put Demons three points up. Neil McKim scored in the corner in 76th to put Titans in the lead but it was Gareth Jones' last minute effort that gave Cardiff Demons a well-deserved 38-35 win.


Cardiff Demons will be at home to Telford Raiders next Saturday in the National Shield Quarter Finals (kick-off 2.30pm).


DEMONS: Andrew Bradshaw, Jamie Iles, Neil Thomas, Rhodri Thomas, Idris Evans, Gareth Jones, Peter Moore, Anthony Loxton, James Madden, Dave Roberson, Evan Powell, Mark Dando, Jon Byers. Subs (all used): Pat Howell, Matt Trevelling, Andy Jones, Kyle Blake.


Tries: Moore (5), G.Jones (12), (52), (79), Dando (45), Byers (65), Bradshaw (68).
Goals: G.Jones 5/9


TITANS: John Dingle, Owen Jones, Kirk Johnson, Earl Palmer, Neil McKim, Ross Palmer, Rob Dodgson, Scott Hirene, Tyrone Mahoney, Richard Jones, Craig Drew, Pete Fullthorpe, Scott Robinson. Subs (all used): John Davies, Lee Chandler, Richard Davies, Matthew Davies.


Tries: Hirene (10), Mahoney (24), J.Davies (36), (40), Robinson (56), Palmer (70), McKim (76).
Goals: R.Palmer 3/8. Field goal: R.Palmer


GAMESTAR: Gareth Jones. No contest. Three tries and five goals said it all.


GAMEBREAKER: As it was such an end to end contest, the gamebreaker has to be the winning try from Gareth Jones sealing a match that either team was worthy of winning.

Men of the Match:
Demons: Gareth Jones.
Titans: John Davies.
Referee: Chris Williams (Aberavon)


Article by Ian Golden
8 Aug 2004


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