Wales Rugby League




Fri 17/03M2A

Wed 22/03NE1
Calderdale VS.
Leeds City

Wed 22/03NE1
Kirklees CoVS.
Greenhead C

Wed 22/03NW2
Hopwood HalVS.
Salford Red

Wed 22/03NW2
Moreton Rug6
Carmel Coll50

Wed 22/03NW2
Oldham 6th 0
Warrington 30

Wed 22/03NW2
St John RigVS.
Priestley C

Wed 22/03NW2
Salford Cit30
The Rugby L0

Wed 22/03NW2
Runshaw ColVS.
Cronton Col

Wed 22/03NW2
Winstanley 30
Wigan Warri0

Wed 22/03NW2
Wigan & LeiVS.
Cowley Sixt

Wed 22/03PE1
Coleg y Cym58
Bristol Aca24

Wed 22/03PE1
Bishop Burt44

Wed 22/03PE1
Hopwood Hal4
Halifax ERA8

Wed 22/03PE1
New CollegeVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 22/03PE1
Furness RaiVS.

Wed 22/03BCT
Nottingham 14

Wed 22/03CHA
Leeds Becke18

Wed 22/03M2A

Wed 22/03FRI
Manchester VS.
Edge Hill

Wed 22/03FRI
South Wales

Wed 22/03VA
University 4

Wed 22/03N3B
Sheffield A

Wed 22/03M2A
Nottingham 1
Oxford Broo64

Wed 22/03VA
Sheffield H26

Wed 22/03NE2
Leeds ColleVS.
Craven Coll

Sat 25/03C3
Newcastle TVS.
Midlands Hu

Mon 27/03FRE
Midlands HuVS.
Leeds City

Wed 29/03NE2
Craven CollVS.
New College

Wed 29/03VA
St Marys

Wed 29/03CUP
Hopwood HalVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 29/03CUP
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA

Wed 29/03VA
Liverpool J

Wed 05/04PE1
Bishop BurtVS.
Coleg y Cym

Wed 05/04PE1
Newcastle T

Wed 05/04PE1
Halifax ERAVS.
Furness Rai

Wed 05/04PE1
Wakefield CVS.
Hopwood Hal

Wed 19/04PE1
Bristol AcaVS.

Wed 19/04PE1
Newcastle TVS.
Bristol Aca

Wed 19/04PE1
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA


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CC Report 2010 Oldham 80 Blackwood Bulldogs 6

CC Report 2010 Oldham 80 Blackwood Bulldogs 6

07th March 2010, 18:03

By Ian Golden


There will be no Super League side at Glan-yr-Afon Park this year. Blackwood Bulldogs played with pride throughout the entire game at Oldham on Sunday and can hold their heads up high for reaching the Third Round of the Carnegie Challenge Cup in the first place.


The Welsh Champions beat Edge Hill and Edinburgh to qualify for this game against the Co-operative Championship One side and will go away with a lot of lessons learnt.


Blackwood impressed everyone present by their attitude and determination, and the Wales Conference Premier competition can also certainly be proud of their representatives' non-stop commitment, even though the part-time professionals inevitably had too much power and pace for them.


The one Bulldogs try came early in the second half. Lloyd's high restart kick after half-time enabled the Welshmen to regain possession and stand-off Kristian Perry made an excellent midfield break before sending full-back David James under the posts. Gareth Price added the goal.


James, soon to be joining South Wales Scorpions, pulled off several try-saving tackles as well as scoring his side's only try and coming desperately close to going over again after a length-of-the-field dash.


He was eventually hauled down just short by the chasing Onyango, but this was neither the first nor the last time that James demonstrated why the Scorpions were keen to see him in action for them in Co-operative Championship 1. Without his efforts, the score would have reached treble figures.


With eight minutes to go in the game the score was 56-6, but that was then the difference between a side from Championship 1 and Conference Premier showed, the home side scoring four tries in quick succession as Blackwood, who had to field a number of players who had played rugby union 24 hours earlier, were dead on their feet.


Matty Ashe led the way for Oldham with two tries and ten goals, back-rower Joe Chandler and pacy left-winger Mark Brocklehurst each posted try hat-tricks and there were two touchdowns apiece for full-back Paul O'Connor, sub forward Saqib Murtza and the lively Ashe. Winger Lucas Onyango, centre Mick Fogerty and prop Dave Ellison also crossed the Bulldogs line.


Their pick of the bunch was their 12th try in the 72nd minute, scored by Chandler but made beautifully by centre Fogerty and his winger Brocklehurst.


Blackwood had one final lesson to teach their betters - how to retrieve the ball from the kick-off. Gutsy Blackwood scrum-half and captain, the 37-year old Jeremy Lloyd kept on chipping his restart kicks just over the 10-metre line, and his forwards regularly competed well enough to win it. Indeed one of the biggest cheers of the afternoon was reserved for the occasion, five minutes before the final hooter, when Oldham managed at last to gain possession from one of Lloyd's kicks!


Talking about Lloyd, who is also Blackwood's rugby union coach, Bolldogs coach Alex Borghese said: "The 'Little General' put up the ball ten times from restart kicks and we got it back eight times. It was something that we thought Oldham might not expect and a tactic that we could exploit to our advantage."


"I was proud of the boys," he added. "Just to get to this stage of the competition was a fairytale for us. We were only formed four years ago and just to be playing in the Carnegie Challenge Cup as Welsh Conference champions is a dream come true.


"A lot of the boys played rugby union yesterday and then we had the long journey north before taking on a very good Oldham side. We did as well as we could do in the circumstances. I couldn't have asked for more."


The fourth round draw of the Carnegie Challenge Cup takes place in Warrington on Monday evening and whilst Blackwood's adventures are over, this is where Super League side Crusaders enter the competition as the road to Wembley continues.


Highlights of Blackwood's third round exploits can be seen on The Super League Show on BBC1 next Sunday.


Oldham Roughyeds
1 Paul O'Connor
2 Lucas Onyango
24 Marcus St. Hilaire
4 Mick Fogerty
20 Mark Brocklehurst
6 Neil Roden
7 Matty Ashe
8 Jason Boults
9 Martin Roden
16 Wayne Kerr
19 Ben Heaton
13 Joe Chandler
21 Valu Bentley

Subs [all used]
17 Danny Whitmore
15 Craig Robinson
10 Dave Ellison
11 Saqib Murtza

Tries : Chandler [2,14,72], Brocklehurst [7,23,39], O'Connor [11,56], Murtza [33,45], Onyango [51], Ashe [61,75], Ellison [77], Fogerty [79]

Goals : Ashe 10/15

Blackwood Bulldogs
1 David James
2 Aaron Humphries
3 Luke Knight
4 Gareth Price
5 Gareth Dare
6 Kristian Perry
7 Jeremy Lloyd
8 Chris Williams
9 Byron Williams
10 Adam Coupe
11 Gareth Rusby-Davies
12 Stuart Vokes
13 Andrew Coupe

Subs [all used]
14 Matthew McGovern
15 Aaron Elliott
16 Clark Morgan
17 Craig Clements

Tries : James [41]
Goals : Price 1/1

Men of the Match
Oldham : Matty Ashe
Blackwood : Jeremy Lloyd

Penalty count : 11-3
Half-time : 36-0
Referee : Tim Roby
Attendance : 455


GAMESTAR: Matty Ashe was a constructive linkman for Oldham all afternoon, as well as accumulating 28 points himself.


GAMEBREAKER : The outcome of the game was decided by the 11th minute, when Oldham scored their third try of the afternoon.

SCORING SEQUENCE : 4-0, 10-0, 14-0, 20-0, 24-0, 30-0, 36-0, 36-6, 40-6, 44-6, 50-6, 56-6, 62-6, 68-6, 74-6, 80-6


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