Wales Rugby League




Fri 17/03M2A

Wed 22/03NE1
Calderdale VS.
Leeds City

Wed 22/03NE1
Kirklees CoVS.
Greenhead C

Wed 22/03NW2
Hopwood HalVS.
Salford Red

Wed 22/03NW2
Moreton Rug6
Carmel Coll50

Wed 22/03NW2
Oldham 6th 0
Warrington 30

Wed 22/03NW2
St John RigVS.
Priestley C

Wed 22/03NW2
Salford Cit30
The Rugby L0

Wed 22/03NW2
Runshaw ColVS.
Cronton Col

Wed 22/03NW2
Winstanley 30
Wigan Warri0

Wed 22/03NW2
Wigan & LeiVS.
Cowley Sixt

Wed 22/03PE1
Coleg y Cym58
Bristol Aca24

Wed 22/03PE1
Bishop Burt44

Wed 22/03PE1
Hopwood Hal4
Halifax ERA8

Wed 22/03PE1
New CollegeVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 22/03PE1
Furness RaiVS.

Wed 22/03BCT
Nottingham 14

Wed 22/03CHA
Leeds Becke18

Wed 22/03M2A

Wed 22/03FRI
Manchester VS.
Edge Hill

Wed 22/03FRI
South Wales

Wed 22/03VA
University 4

Wed 22/03N3B
Sheffield A

Wed 22/03M2A
Nottingham 1
Oxford Broo64

Wed 22/03VA
Sheffield H26

Wed 22/03NE2
Leeds ColleVS.
Craven Coll

Sat 25/03C3
Newcastle TVS.
Midlands Hu

Mon 27/03FRE
Midlands HuVS.
Leeds City

Wed 29/03NE2
Craven CollVS.
New College

Wed 29/03VA
St Marys

Wed 29/03CUP
Hopwood HalVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 29/03CUP
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA

Wed 29/03VA
Liverpool J

Wed 05/04PE1
Bishop BurtVS.
Coleg y Cym

Wed 05/04PE1
Newcastle T

Wed 05/04PE1
Halifax ERAVS.
Furness Rai

Wed 05/04PE1
Wakefield CVS.
Hopwood Hal

Wed 19/04PE1
Bristol AcaVS.

Wed 19/04PE1
Newcastle TVS.
Bristol Aca

Wed 19/04PE1
New CollegeVS.
Halifax ERA


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Cougars take Conference South trophy

Cougars take Conference South trophy

20th September 2014, 16:30


By Ian Golden at Lichfield RUFC


Sheffield Hallam Eagles lost for the first time in 33 games as Welsh side Valley Cougars, the feeder side to South Wales Scorpions, won the Conference South title in dramatic fashion at Litchfield on Saturday.


The final score was 19-10 and it was anyone’s game right up until the last five minutes when a masterful try, created by Paul Emanuelli and finished by Danyl Davies, wrapped things up to defeat the holders.


It was a tough battle for both sides throughout the game and with a number of high tackles and three sinbinnings, it was always going to be the side who kept their cool who would win the game.


First chance of a try came to the Cougars, Gethin King kicked and Carter dived but the referee pulled it back for a scrum.


However Eagles took the lead on 14 minutes when a man with a distinct Welsh name Jordan Parry scored in the corner. The conversion was missed.


There could have been a second fairly soon after but Jono Burns was pulled back for a forward pass.


The Eagles were given an advantage just before the break when Darryl Carter was sinbinned for continual foul play but it was Cougars who scored against the numbers when Zak Williams barged through. Paul Emanuelli converted.


The Welsh couldn’t hold on. A mistake from kick-off led to Mitch Vincent making a 50 metre clean break to give the lead back to the Eagles. Jack Mitchell converted in the last move before the break.


Sheffield had five minutes left before Davies came back on but they couldn’t take advantage. The nearest they got to another try was when a poor pass from Thomas Ashton led to Santino Decaro dropping the ball with almost a clear run to the line.


Eagles’ Alex Palmer was yellow carded for foul play on 57 minutes and Cougars made use of the extra man when Mikey Rowe forced his way over and Emanuelli converted well from the touchline.


Seven minutes to go and Emanuelli added a 40-20 to help things along a bit and make it 13-10.


But it was in their next attack that the Cougars pulled off a touch of class to take the trophy. It looked like Emanuelli was going to go for another one pointer but instead he dummied and played it out left where Davies was ready to jink through the tiring Eagles backline.


A Connor Scott sinbinning rubbed it in for the Eagles in the final minute but it mattered little as Eagles were left disappointed and the Welsh ecstatic.



1. Mitch Vincent

2. Darren Forde

3. Thomas Ashton

4. Eddie Medforth

5. Jordan Parry

6. Jack Mitchell

7. Tom Holt

8. Marcus Stock

9. Scott Smith

10. Connor Scott

11. Alex Palmer

12. Santino Decaro

13. Jono Burns

14. Jose Kenga

15. Alex Hobson

16. Shaun Roberts

17. Matthew Bloomer


Tries: Parry (14), Vincent (40)

Goals: Mitchell 2/2

Sin-bin: Palmer (57, foul play), Scott (80, foul play)



1. Lee Goddard

2. Danyl Davies

3. Darryl Carter

4. Dafydd Hellard

5. Kevin James

6. Paul Emanuelli

7. Mike Hurley

8. Gareth Way (captain)

9. Zak Williams

10. Adam Morgan

11. Chris Speck

12. Gethin King

13. Scott Britton

14. Mikey Rowe

15. Steven Bray

16. Rhodri Morris

17. Louis Jones


Tries: Williams (38), Rowe (64), Davies (79)

Goals: Emanuelli 3/3

Drop-goal: Emanuelli

Sin-bin: Carter (35, foul play)


Referee: Ian Curzon

Half-time: 6-10


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