Wales Rugby League




Sat 11/04CLS
Leicester S32

Sat 11/04CLS
Bristol Son0
Valley Coug24

Sat 11/04CLS
Coventry Be72
Oxford Cava0

Sat 11/04CLS
Nottingham 86
Torfaen Tig20

Sat 11/04CLS
Sheffield H54
The Raiders22

Sun 12/04R1
Cadishead R16
Woolston Ro30

Sun 12/04D35
Bamber Brid12
Folly Lane24

Sun 12/04D35
Blackpool SVS.
Wigan Sprin

Sun 12/04D35
Leyland War0

Sun 12/04D25
Blackpool S16
Ince Rose B14

Sun 12/04D15
Waterhead W54

Sun 12/04D15
Rylands ShaVS.

Sun 12/04D15
Leigh Miner16

Sun 12/04P15
Rochdale Ma40
Shevington 6

Sun 12/04D25
Langworthy 28
Telford Rai16

Sun 12/04D1
Golborne Pa16
Liverpool L36

Sun 12/04R1
Clock Face 64
Flintshire 0

Sun 12/04R1
Portico Vin42
Culcheth Ea0

Sun 12/04R1
Bury Bronco0

Wed 15/04SPO

Wed 15/04FSL
Sheffield H10
Sheffield A46

Wed 15/04FSL
Sheffield H10

Thu 16/04P15
Chorley Pan0
Wigan St Ju42

Thu 16/04D25
Blackpool S48
Clock Face 10

Sat 18/04CLS
Oxford Cava36
The Raiders28

Sat 18/04FSL
Bath & Wilt18

Sat 18/04CLS
Coventry Be62
Leicester S18

Sat 18/04CLS
Nottingham 20

Sat 18/04CLS
Torfaen Tig24
Bristol Son0

Sat 18/04CLS
Valley Coug16
Sheffield H14

Sun 19/04D35
Bamber BridVS.
Leyland War

Sun 19/04D35
Portico VinVS.
Folly Lane

Sun 19/04D35
Haydock WarVS.
Culcheth Ea

Sun 19/04D35
Wigan St CuVS.
Blackpool S

Sun 19/04D25
Liverpool LVS.
Salford Cit

Sun 19/04D15
Leigh MinerVS.

Sun 19/04D15
Latchford AVS.
Rylands Sha

Sun 19/04D15
Woolston Ro

Sun 19/04D15
Waterhead WVS.

Sun 19/04P15
Rochdale MaVS.
Wigan St Pa


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Fixtures released for the European Championships

Fixtures released for the European Championships

01st August 2014, 13:13

France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will meet each other in the autumn after the draw was confirmed for the 2014 European Championships.


The winners will qualify for the 2016 Four Nations tournament to be held in the northern hemisphere.


It will be a re-entry into the Test arena for all four after the 2013 World Cup where the Scots, particularly, impressed reaching the quarter finals for the first time and they will host matches at Workington – which was a sell-out for them last autumn – and Galashiels.


Their head coach Steve McCormack commented, “Everyone involved in Scotland Rugby League is really pleased that arrangements for the  European Championships are now in place, especially after hosting such a successful Commonwealth 9s in Glasgow.”.


“Following a very exciting World Cup, we see this as a very important part of the international calendar and we will be giving the tournament our full focus. It will be great to have international rugby league back on everyone's agenda here in October.”


Opposite number for Ireland, Mark Aston, added: “The 2013 World Cup is still a fond memory but we are already looking forward to the next one in 2017.”


“We've started to build something special with Ireland so it's very important that we carry on adding to the foundation we laid. The players really enjoyed the challenge of playing against three of the World’s best teams in the competition and really started to gel.” 


“We see the next three years as part of the preparation for 2017 so we are looking for players to commit now and make themselves available from minute one,” he said, his side playing their fixtures in Dublin.


His thoughts were echoed by Brian Juliff, Chairman of Wales RL, who have just appointed John Kear as their national coach.


“The Celtic Nations and France recognise the importance of international competition on a regular basis. The announcement that 2014 will see us compete for a place in the prestigious Four Nations competition is welcome and very encouraging for the sport in Europe.”


“Following on from the great excitement and experience of competing in RLWC2013, Wales Rugby League eagerly look forward to matching our young, developing squad at senior level against our neighbours.”




17 Oct - Scotland v Wales, 8pm.

Derwent Park Workington

18 Oct - Ireland v France, 2pm.

Tallaght Stadium, Dublin

25 Oct - Ireland v Scotland, 2pm.

Tallaght Stadium, Dublin

25 Oct - France v Wales, 3pm.

Albi Stadium, Albi

31 Oct - Scotland v France, 7.30pm.

Netherdale, Galashiels

2 Nov - Wales v Ireland, 2.30

Racecourse Ground, Wrexham


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